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Control and monitor your Teletek Electronics alarm security system anywhere, anytime with Home ProTTEct app

Home ProTTEct is mobile application for management and monitoring of all the intruder alarm systems manufactured by Teletek Electronics: ECLIPSE and BRAVO series. The application is native, developed for both Android and iOS, in accordance to the latest requirements of both platforms. In order to connect your system to the Home ProTTEct app, it must be registered to the Ajax SP Server.

The application is free for both Android and iOS users.

Home ProTTEct features:

  • Remote System control – user can Arm and Disarm his system/s remotely
  • Multi-system control – the application can manage multiple systems
  • System status indication – the user can see the last event and the alarm status in the system list of the application
  • The application supports two methods for adding new system:
  • Manual – by entering your user credentials manually
  • By scanning a QR code – the code is generated by the Ajax SP Server (Cloud)
  • System sharing – a user can share his system by generating a QR code through the Home ProTTEct app, so another user can add this system as well.
  • Partial arming – the user can also set the system in two different partial arm states – Stay or Sleep Arm
  • Detector management – the user can manage(enable/disable) the detectors/zones of the system when needed
  • Push notifications – Home ProTTect sends notification in case of any event in the system
  • Special alarm tone – the application supports a special sound signal for the Alarm events
  • Alarm snooze algorithm – the Alarm notification sound will be automatically repeated, in case the notification is not confirmed by the user

Teletek Electronics Team