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Software Updates

Dear Customers and Partners,

We are pleased to announce some improvement in the software in the last firmware update of IRIS Addressable Panel (SW 5.3.1, HW 3.0). The new functional features are:

  • The following new registers are added to the Modbus protocol
    • Dust level of the smoke chamber of the detectors may now be downloaded from the panel;
    • The state of the Inputs and Outputs of the addressable modules may be downloaded from the panel;
    • The Outputs of the addressable modules may be switched ON/OFF.
  • The dust level of the smoke chambers of the detectors may be downloaded using the ProsTE software and exported as Excel file. The file may be printed as reference for maintenance purposes.
  • New “Evacuation Cycle” feature added. During evacuation of the protected site, the addressable sounders may be switched ON/OFF in a cycle preprogrammed by the installer. The purpose of the feature is to synchronize the operation of the Fire alarm system with separate Voice evacuation system.
  • The following new Input activation events are implemented: “Voice Cycle” and “Sounder ON (Zonal)”. The purpose of these activation events is to allow a physical management of the Voice Evacuation system using the addressable output modules.
  • The Date and Time may now be set from Access level 2.
  • The Alarm and Evacuation tones for the addressable sounders now are set to 27 tone type by default.
  • The following new languages are added – Serbian and Lithuanian


Following the updates of the IRIS panel we also launch and new version of the Observer Monitoring Software (ver. 1.09). The new functionalities are as follows:

  • Each Input /Output now is visualized in the system event bar with its number for easy identification of module faults, etc.
  • Each User now may leave messages to the other users. The message is displayed during login.
  • The Icon of each device may now be changed from the user.
  • When a module or a sounder is activated it is marked with special sign.
  • The software is now capable to display and to print a list with the dust level values of all detectors.
  • Portugal language added.

You can download the new firmware updates using the links to our library:


Teletek Electronics Team