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Dear Partners and Clients,

Teletek Electronics launches a new version of Eclipse WL (SR 5.23/HR 1.7.1) which now supports operation with one-way remote control key fobs BRAVO Series:

  • BRAVO RC-41
  • BRAVO RC-21
  • BRAVO RC-11

The main advantage of the one-way remote key fobs is that they can operate with several systems at the same type. That means the user can manage two or more Eclipse panels using one BRAVO one-way remote key fob, as one and the same programmable button can perform different operation, according set functionally in the panel. Also, one BRAVO one-way key fob can operate at the same time with Eclipse and BRAVO panels.

Previous versions of the module do not support operation with the one-way remote key-fobs. You can find the software and hardware revisions of the module, printed on the PCB.

Teletek Electronics Team