TTE LAN is an universal communication module. It is used for connection to intruder or fire alarm panels or as a stand-alone device. The device is connected to Eclipse series intruder control panels via serial communication or with third part panels via its 6 inputs. TTE LAN is used to send alarm messages to monitoring center or end-user. The module is mounted in small plastic box suitable for wall mounting.

TTE LAN can also be used for remote management, programming and monitoring of the security system together with Eclipse panel and the AJAX SP PRO software application. The module is suitable for realizing of home automation applications.

  • Indication for the network status and trouble with the connection to the control panel;
  • Internet remote programming and control through AJAX SP PRO/MobileTTE (iOS/Android) application;
  • Micro USB port for configuration with ProsTE software;
  • Serial communication with ECLIPSE series control panels;
  • 6 programmable inputs/outputs, OC type (up to 100 mA each);
  • Main and Backup IP for connection with AJAX SP PRO;
  • Automatic (DHCP) or manual settings for network connection;
  • Suitable for home automation;
  • Control panel communication supervision.
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Power supply 9-30 V DC
Current Consumption 300 mA
Programmable inputs/outputs 6, 100 mA, OC type
Input filtration time 0.5 sec
Input for AC monitoring 9-35 V AC
Encryption AES 128 bits
Ethernet port 10/100MBps
















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