Eclipse 8+

Eclipse 8+ is an intruder alarm control panel with 8 zone inputs, expandable to 16 via wired/wireless zone expanders or via zone doubling. The panel is intended for security of small residential, commercial or office premises. The control management of the panel is available via keyboard or proximity card reader. Full programming is done via keyboard or directly with ProsTE software. The installer can choose between 3 alternative types of programing – by addresses, by operations or tree structure menus. The panel has a built-in digital communicator and is compatible with wide range of detectors, communication modules, control devices and software for operation and programming.

Eclipse 8+ panel complies with EN50131 GRADE 2, Class I.






  • 3 Areas
  • 8 Zones (on board) – expandable to 16
  • Zone doubling
  • 5 PGMs (on board) – up to 8 in total
  • Hybrid solution – up to 4 Eclipse WL support
  • Wired zone expander support
  • 5 BUS devices
  • 32 User Codes or Proxy Cards
  • Built-in Digital Communicator (PSTN)
  • Serial connection with TTE LAN and TTE GPRS modules
  • Software support: ProsTE, AjaxWEB, MobileTTE, Guard View, Observer
  • Complies with Grade 2 certificate
Mains Power Supply 230 VAC ±10%, fuse 0.63A
Mains Transformer 17 VAC/17 VA
Back-up Power Supply Accumulator 12 V/7 Ah
Battery discharge protection Yes
Consumption of the control panel 100 mA
Connecting Wires 2.5mm²
Enclosure ABS plastic box, White
Dimensions 290 x 240 x 80 mm
Working Temperature Range from -10°C  to +60°C
Storage Temperature Range from -20°C to +60°C



Eclipse 8+ - Datasheet
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Comparison - Eclipse Panels
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Technische Dokumentation

Eclipse 8/8+/16/32/99 - Versions and history
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Eclipse 8/8+/16/32/99 (3.xx) - Installationsanleitung
Aktualisiert am 29.03.2021 Größe 4.57MB
Eclipse 8/8+/16/32/99 (3.xx) - Programmieranleitung
Aktualisiert am 29.03.2021 Größe 7.00MB
Eclipse 8/8+/16/32/99 (3.xx) - Bedienungsanleitung
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Eclipse 8/8+ - Declaration of conformity
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Eclipse 8/8+/16/32 - Zertifikat GRADE 2
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Software Downloads

ProsTE - Programming Software ver. 5.3.21
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Guard View ver.2.1
Aktualisiert am 19.01.2021 Größe 16.98MB
Observer 32_ver.2.3.3
Aktualisiert am 11.02.2021 Größe 62.51MB
Observer 64_ver.2.3.3
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Mobile TTE - Software application
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