Hera RSST (SF100 Lite RSST)

Hera RSST is а conventional fire alarm sounder with strobe and has one input for connection to a conventional fire alarm panel. Hera RSST is designed for indoor use only. The sounder is easy for installation and consists of three parts: mounting plane basis, sounder body and a plastic transparent cover.

Certified according to standard EN54, part 3.

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  • Piezo Loudspeaker type
  • One tone
  • 1 sound level – High (102dB)
  • Small and compact design
  • Certified according to standard EN54 – part 3


Operating Voltage Range 20-28VDC
Maximal consumption 85mA @ 24VDC
– Sounder only 55mA @ 24VDC
Maximal sound volume 92-101dB @ 1m
Frequency of the strobe flashing 1Hz
Color Red transparent
Material SAN
Dimensions 102x32mm



Hera RSST (SF100 Lite RSST) - Datasheet
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Technische Dokumentation

Hera RSST (SF100 Lite RSST) - Installation manual
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Hera RSST - Declaration of conformity
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Hera RSST - Declaration of performance
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Hera RSST - EN54 Certificate EVPU
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