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25 Years Teletek Electronics

Teletek Electronics is proud to announce its 25th anniversary on the global intruder and file alarm systems market.

It’s been wonderful successful 25 years, working FOR and WITH all of you!

Founded in 1991, in the hearth of Sofia, Bulgaria, the company started with professional installations of security systems. However, this was not enough for their passionate minds and 2 years later the first burglar alarm panel was fact!

Over the years, the range of products Teletek Electronics offers increased significantly, covering not only intruder alarms, but also the life safety fire alarm systems and the new fashion – communication solutions.

Today, 25 years later, we continue to search, develop and realize high performance products and solutions, combining our profound technological experience, strong production capacity, and the energy and passion of our people.  

“This successful story and the results today would not be a fact without the people of this company. Some of them are working here from the beginning, others – for 10-15 years already, and we are like one big family, with the passion to grow and to be part of the global market.  And every year I see that our Partners also become part of this big family” said Valentin Stoitzev, the owner of Teletek Electronics.

What we have achieved and we are proud to announce:

·        25 years of continuous innovation;

·        More than 130 employees;

·        Export in 75 countries;

·        More than 30 million manufactured products;

·        Closer to a million buildings, secured by Teletek Electronics systems.

And all of these would not have been possible without YOU – our supportive Partners and loyal Customers.

We look forward to serving you for the next 25 years.