\Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey​

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey to help us improve our products and services. Your opinion, suggestions and feedback is of great value to us.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

I. Teletek Electronics Company

Overall how satisfied are you with our company as a Business Partner? *
How Teletek Electronics compared with the other competitors at your market? *
How do you evaluate the work of Teletek Electronics during the Covid- 19 pandemic?

II. Teletek Electronics products and solutions

How satisfied are you with our products?
What drives you to choose our products? Please mark the 3 most important features: *

III. Teletek Electronics Sales Team

How satisfied are you with the overall performance of your Regional Sales Manager
How satisfied are you that the Regional Sales Manager understood and cover your business needs:
How satisfied are you with the overall performance of your Back office representative:

IV. Teletek Electronics Technical support

How satisfied are you with the way in which your urgent cases and technical troubles are handled:
How satisfied are you with the quality of the support you received:
How satisfied are you with the technical presentations:
How satisfied are your with our product manuals and tech.documentation when you are searching for specific information
How satisfied are you with the knowledge and competences of our techical support team:
Please mark your preferred form of contact with Teletek Electronics technical support

V. Teletek Electronics RMA service : (RMA – Return Merchandise Authorization)

Repair period of goods:
Quality of the repair service:
Ease of filling in the RAN form on the Teletek Electronics website:
Teletek Electronics service report after Customer claim:

VI. Teletek Electronics delivery

Period for delivery of goods:
Reliability of delivery:
Accuracy of executed orders:

VII. Teletek Electronics marketing materials

Catalogues and data sheets:
Technical manuals:
New products presentations:
Internet web site:
How do you usually obtain information about Teletek Electronics new products and solutions?
How would you rate access to information about Teletek Electronics products?
Which are the 3 most effective marketing resources for your region?Please mark 3 only *