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Eclipse Hybrid Alarm System

Eclipse Hybrid alarm system combines the flexibility of hardwired system with the simplicity of a wide range of PAX wireless devices and peripherals, resulting in a comprehensive and versatile hybrid system, suitable for small business structures through to large-scale commercial applications.

The number of zones varies between 8 and 99 zones depending the specifics and the configuration of the different Eclipse panels, while the number of partitions/areas is between 3 and up to the exceptional 16 partitions that the Eclipse 99 offers.

By combining wired and wireless expansion modules, the installer can make a hybrid installation. The new Teletek wireless communication protocol Beacon+ allows the usage of the new wireless device range – PAX.

This new protocol improves the communication range between the devices and the panel, the battery life of the different wireless devices and it also makes the wireless communication much more sustainable.

The Eclipse series of panels also support several different communication device types. A build-in telephone communicator, as well as the option to connect an additional LAN or GPRS module(2G/4G).

Our Eclipse panels are easy to program, thanks to the fact that they support numerous programming methods – with PC (by using our programming software, through the wired keypads by using one of the 3 programming types, or even remotely through our Cloud.

Teletek Electronics Team