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Eclipse panels with new features

Teletek Electronics anounces the following new features in HW v.2.1 for Eclipse control panels:

  • New address for Eclipse 32 control panel – 0096. The engineer enables with [1] – “STANDARD EN50131 ON” automatic settings for compliance with the requirements of EN50131 GRADE 2 Standard;
  • The setting at address 6001 is now applicable  for both the PSTN and Eclipse VD communicators. Address 6102 is no longer available;
  • New addresses to Eclipse VD programming menus – 61X2. The engineer sets messages type for reporting (“x” is a phone number from 1 to 8);
  • Added new option “3. MODEM” at address – 6904;
  • No combination set by default for Maintenance code in Eclipse 32 panel;
  • Added a new option for the Eclipse VD – “ Skip site name”;
  • No messages for Area number for Eclipse 8 control panel during VD remote management;
  • The telephone communicator is improved.

You can download the lates firmware update (SPF file) from here or from the product pages of the product itself.