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Forum Seguranca 2022 – Braga, Portugal

27/09/2022 09:00-18:00 Avenida Doutor Francisco Pires Gonçalves, Braga, Braga, Portugal

Welcome to Forum Seguranca 2022 in Braga, Portugal, 27-29 September to visit our Partner BC DIID and learn more about our newest products and solutions.

The 2022 Security Forum will be the first 100% experimental event held in Europe  in the area of ​​Prevention and Security where EVERYONE will be able to experience.

Participants will not be spectators, but protagonists. Participants will not visit, they will experience. The knowledge provided is not only acquired, but also experienced.

iBD  and  Sinalux  came  together, as organizers of the  Security Forum , and in partnership with  InvestBraga , to provide, in Portugal, a unique experience, an innovative way of living Prevention and Security in society.

The Security Forum 2022 will not be a conference; it will not be an exhibition; it will not be a salon; will not be a fair, the Security Forum 2022 will be an EXPERIENCE and a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE in Prevention and Safety in Portugal!

Forum Seguranca 2022