IRIS Auto-addressing


The system IRIS/SensoIRIS supports 2 ways of auto addressing: by ID and by built-in isolator.

When using auto-addressing by ID, the system gives addresses to all devices in increasing order of their unique IDs, starting with detectors, followed by sounders and strobes, call points and modules on last place.

When using auto addressing by built-in isolator, the panel gives addresses to all devices in increasing orders from 1 to 250, following the sequence of their position on the installation cable.

You can use the new functionality from version 5.1.4 of IRIS.

Auto-addressing is available with the following SensoIRIS products and their hardware/software versions:

  • with built-in isolator:

SensoIRIS S130 IS (HR2.00/SR1.08)

SensoIRIS T110 IS (HR2.0/SR1.08)

SensoIRIS M140 IS (HR2.00/SR1.08)

SensoIRIS MIO22 (HW.2.0/SW.2.0)

SensoIRIS MOUT (HR2.0/SR2.0)

SensoIRIS MIO04 (HW.2.0/SW.2.0)

SensoIRIS MIO40 (HW.2.0/SW.2.0)

SensoIRIS MOUT240 (HR2.0/SR2.0)

SensoIRIS MCP150 (HR2.0/SR2.0)

SensoIRIS MC-Z (HW.2.0/SW2.00

SensoIRIS WSOU IS (HR2.0/SR2.0)

SensoIRIS WSST IS EN54-23 (HR2.0/SR2.0)

SensoIRIS WS IS (HW.2.0/SW.2.0)

SensoIRIS BSST IS (HW2.0/SW2.01)

SensoIRIS BSOU IS (HW2.0/SW2.01)

  • without isolator:

SensoIRIS M140 (HR2.00/SR1.08)

SensoIRIS S130 (HR2.00/SR1.08)

SensoIRIS T110 (HR2.0/SR1.08)

SensoIRIS WSST EN54-23 (HR2.0/SR2.0)

SensoIRIS WSOU (HR2.0/SR2.0)

SensoIRIS WS (HW.2.0/SW.2.0)

SensoIRIS BSST (HW2.0/SW2.01)

SensoIRIS BSOU (HW2.0/SW2.01)