IRIS SS Loop Calculator


Installing a fire alarm system in big business, public or trade offices is an important clause for the contractors and for legalizing the building sites. The properly selected and installed fire detectors, devices and sirens can save men’s life and also protect expensive equipment from fatal damage.

That’s why the right planning of every fire system has a great importance – choosing the proper equipment from one hand and calculating the loop length in the system on the other hand.

Calculating the loop length and the cable cross section in advance, at the planning stage, gives an opportunity for the constructor to evaluate the functionality of the building fire system and if necessary to make changes.

We can see many cases in the practice, when the fire alarm system is not working properly because of wrong sized loop length and cables with unsuited cross section.

The designed from Teletek Electronics electronic calculator for loop length and cable cross section in IRIS fire systems can help the constructors and designers of fire systems to save time and money during the planning and installing the addressable fire system produced from Teletek Electronics.

Your advantages when using IRIS calculator:

- You enter just one value for the loop length and for the cable cross section.

- The loop length will be properly calculated and you will avoid any technical troubles in the system – not detected double addresses and incorrect operating of the detectors.

- Reduced costs for the investor as you will avoid wrong loop length - too small or too big values for cable cross section

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