Possible reasons for General Fault in MAG 8plus?


Photo 1

Photo 2

If the General Fault LED is on (first photo) please check the following:

1. Check if another LED is on or blinking to find out the specifics of the fault. This can be done by opening the front panel’s door and observing the LEDs on the main PCB (second photo).

2. You can have a Micro-Processor fault. This means that the main processor of the panel is out of order. A possible reason can be an over voltage or lightning.

3. You can have sounder fault if the Sounder Fault/Disable LED is blinking. You will see the exact Sounder’s LED number on. The possible reason is missing resistor, wrong resistor value or short circuit. The sounders are using a single resistor with value of 10kOhms.

4. You can have an Earth fault. This means either short between Positive or negative wires and GND or tracks from the PCB are shorted (which means external intervention or factory damaged PCB). Try putting on/off the Disable EF jumper.

5. You can have AUX fault. This means either overloading or shortening or malfunctioning of the AUX output. Try disconnecting the entire load from the output or check for short circuit.

6. You can have RPT fault which means that there is a missing Repeater panel. Check the wires for the repeater for short or break.

7. You can have an AC fault. This means either that there is no power in the power network or broken power supply. If there is a power Measure the voltage of the power terminals and observe the LED of the power supply – it has to be RED.

You can have Batt Lost/Low. This means either the battery is not attached or it has a low voltage. Check if there is a battery or replace it if it is too old.