Procedure for cleaning SensoIRIS series detectors


In order to clean up SensoIRIS detectors you have to remove the plastic cover and the other plastic parts.

Please follow the steps illustrated by the pictures:

1. First you need to remove the PCB cover. That is done by freeing the 4 clamps with a screwdriver.

2. Next you have to remove the PCB from the base. That is done by pulling out the plastic trotter and slightly pulling the PCB up.

3. The removed PCB has to be disassembled with a screwdriver. BE CAREFUL WITH THE PLASTIC SIDE HOLDERS.

4. Then you need to clean the entire chamber with compressed air.

5. First you have to clean the internal part and then the external part of the chamber. Afterwards clean the PCB as well.]

6. Finally you also have to clean the plastic cover of the detector.

After all these procedures, you need to start assembling in the reverse order.