SIMPO battery calculator


Calculation of the Battery Capacity for Fire Alarm Panel SIMPO

The right planning of every fire alarm system has a great importance for its future reliable operation.

A few important steps are necessary for the correct planning of the installation:

- Choosing the most appropriate fire alarm equipment according the installation project;

- Correct calculation of the length and the cross-section of the used cables;

- Choosing an accumulator battery with enough capacity for providing of backup power supply in case of mains power supply failure. Thus, the operation of the fire alarm system is guaranteed for certain time period in standby or fire alarm mode.

The present application is developed by Teletek Electronics JSC to help the constructors and designers of fire alarm systems for right defining the accumulator battery capacity used in the addressable fire alarm panels SIMPO.

This calculator allows quick and easy calculation of the minimal battery capacity, according the number of used devices in the fire alarm system and activated inputs and outputs of the control panel.

With this application you also can calculate the battery capacity needed for supporting the operation of the system during mains power supply failure and fire alarm situation in one or several zones.

How to work with the calculator

1. Press the “Start” button – in the input data fields are set values by default automatically.

2. Enter the number of the used loops – 1 or 2.

3. Enter the number of the used devices:

- Enter in the “Standby mode” column the number all devices connected to Loop 1 and Loop 2.

- Enter in the “FIRE mode” column the number of activated devices in case of fire alarm mode.

4. Enter the number of activated zones in fire alarm mode.

5. Enter if necessary the values for activated inputs and outputs, as refer to the noted limits.

6. If necessary change the set by default hours for operation of the panel in standby mode (according EN54-14:2006 for a min. time from 30 to 72 hours) and fire alarm mode (according EN54-14:2006 - min. a half an hour).

7. Press the “Calculate” button.


The calculator is designed for calculating the battery capacity for fire alarm panels SIMPO series only!


The calculated value for the battery capacity is a minimum. This means, that for the current fire installation the constructor must use a battery with close in value but higher capacity – it is strongly recommended the calculated battery capacity to be increased with 25%, so to guarantee a reserve charge with reducing the battery capacity as a result of aging. For example, if the calculated battery capacity is 30.3Ah, then it is recommended to use a battery with capacity of 38Ah.

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