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IRIS/SIMPO – 2020 sum up

Time to look back at 2020! We are happy to sum up part of the most important and interesting features which you could find already in our latest IRIS/Simpo versions:

  • Siren Groups added (up to 96). Up to 3 siren groups may be attached to one zone.
  • DEVICE GROUP added. One Remote Indication may be activated by many detectors from the same group.
  • SOUNDER MODE – New output activation event added. Devices set to Sounder mode will follow exactly the same logic for the addressable sounders in the same zone, even the timing.
  • Zero Address detection with check menu added.
  • Disablements for zones, devices and outputs are available now at access level 2.
  • Fast output programming for Evacuate, Alarm, Reset, Sounder ON events.
  • Support for serial connection of Evac panels (Paso brand)
  • Support of ESPA444 protocol
  • “Class Change” is now with selectable tone
  • “Silence Sounder” by zones
  • Similar to Evac cycle the panel now have Alarm cycle (for voice evacuation purpose)
  • Panel and Loop card versions may now be extracted by ProsTE.
  • Multilanguage support

Teletek Electronics Team