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IRIS,Simpo & SensoIRIS with new RI functionality

Dear Customers and Partners,

We would like to present you the RI functionality – new feature for the addressable detectors SensoIRIS. The Remote LED output of each detector is now programmable and may be activated from any other detector in the panel. This will save your time, money and labour (for additional cabling).

The physical limitation based on how many detectors can be wired to one and the same LED indicator is not a concern for you anymore.

In order to take advantage of the new feature Teletek Electronics added few new settings into the detectors programming.

Note: The new feature is available for Addressable panels IRIS – HR3.0/SR6.1.1 and above & Simpo – HR.2.4/SR.4.1.1 and above and with all SensoIRIS detectors – HR2.1/SR1.10 and future one.

For more information, you could contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Teletek Electronics Team