ARGUS GSM is an universal communication module. It can be used as primary or back up communication channel. ARGUS can send voice or SMS messages to monitoring station or end-user. The module has also home automation application. The module is mounted in small plastic box suitable for wall mounting. ARGUS GSM is suitable for realizing of home automation applications.

Functional features
  • Sending of voice or SMS messages to a central monitoring station or directly to the User;
  • System controlling via SMS message;
  • Function for checking the signal strength;
  • 2 standard connectors RJ11 (Phone and Line) for connecting of telephone and PSTN line;
  • Direct PC programming via ProsTE software;
  • Antenna with 3m flexible cable included;
  • SIM interface - built-in;
  • Standard RS232 interface for PC connection.
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Power supply 9-30 V DC
Current Consumtion  
   - Normal operation mode (Standby) 50 mA*
   - Signal transmitting (GSM) max 1.3 A
Optional back-up power supply 4x 1.2V, NiMH batteries, size AA
Battery charge current 0.2A DC
Programmable inputs/outputs 6, up to 100 mA each, OC type
Outputs 2, up to 500 mA each, OC type
Phone numbers for events notification 8
SMS messages 8
Voice messages 8
Input filtration time 0.5sec
Operating frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Antenna connector (SMA) 50 Ohm





















Technical Documentation
ARGUS - Manual
Updated on2013.05.31
Size1.70 MB
Marketing Documentation
ARGUS - Datasheet
Updated on2013.05.30
Size0.18 MB
ARGUS - Declaration of conformity
Updated on2017.09.20
Size0.26 MB
Software Downloads
ProsTE - Programming Software ver. 5.3.10
Updated on2019.02.11
Size16.74 MB