BRAVO Curtain

BRAVO Curtain is a wireless PIR combined with a microwave detector for installations requiring “curtain” type coverage in the protected site.

The PIR and MW parts are operating in "AND" function. Typical applications - protection of windows and areas around buildings.

Functional features
  • combined "curtain" (MW+PIR);
  • two-way communication;
  • Detection for PIR and MW part 12m;
  • LED indication for low battery and Test mode;
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Compatible products
Battery (type CR123A)    1 х 3 V/1500mAh
Battery life 1 year
Operation frequency ~868 MHz
Radio distance (open space) Up to 400m
Operating temperature -20°C - +60°C
PIR part coverage angle    90° vertical, 7.5° horizontal
MW part coverage angle 80° vertical, 32° horizontal
Max. covering range for PIR and MW part    12m
Mounting height (optimal) 1.5 - 3m (2.1m)
Inhibition time between two alarms 3/6 min. (programmable via dip switch)
Dimensions 129 x 40 x 48mm
Protection IP54; IP65*

* When used with a special enclosure rated IP65 for outdoor installation (sold separately).

Technical Documentation
BRAVO - Installation Manual
Updated on2019.01.22
Size4.96 MB
Marketing Documentation
BRAVO Wireless System Brochure
Updated on2018.10.10
Size1.85 MB
BRAVO Curtain - Declaration of conformity
Updated on2018.06.28
Size0.16 MB