Eclipse PGM 8

Eclipse PGM 8 is an expander module for adding of 8 additional programmable outputs to Eclipse 32 system configuration.

The added outputs are fully programmable from the control panel. The power supply is from the panel.

The expander module can be mounted in the control panel box (under the main PCB) or can be installed in a universal small plastic box.

Functional features
  • Connection directly to the system bus;
  • 8 additional programmable outputs with freely programmable parameters, 100mA, ОС type (open collector);
  • Mounting in the panel box or in a small universal plastic box SB-U.
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Compatible products
Eclipse 32
Power Supply 11.5 ÷ 18V DC
Consumption Min. 30mA/ Max. 100mA
PGM outputs 8, 100mA, OC type
Indication type LED
Operation temperature -20°C ÷ +50°C
Storage temperature -40°C ÷ +60°C









Technical Documentation
Eclipse PGM8 - Installation Instruction
Updated on2017.09.20
Size2.79 MB
Marketing Documentation
Eclipse PGM8 - Datasheet
Updated on2017.09.20
Size0.11 MB
Eclipse PGM8 - Declaration of conformity
Updated on2017.04.12
Size0.25 MB
Eclipse 8/16/32 (2.0x) - Installation manual
Updated on2016.11.15
Size3.19 MB