Eclipse PGM 8 PS

Eclipse PGM 8 PS is an expander module with mains power supply for adding of 8 additional programmable outputs to ECLIPSE 32 system configuration.

The added outputs are fully programmable from the control panel. 

The expander module can be mounted in a big universal small plastic box.


Functional features
  • Connection directly to the system bus;
  • 8 additional programmable outputs with freely programmable parameters, 100mA, ОС type (open collector);
  • Own independent power supply;
  • Mounting in the panel box or in big universal plastic pox.
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Compatible products
Eclipse 32
Power supply 230VAC +10%/-15%
Mains transformer 17V/17VA
Back-up power supply 12V/ 7Ah
Consumption Min. 30mA/ Max. 750mA
PGM outputs 8, 100mA, OC type
Indication type LED
Operation temperature -20°C ÷ +50°C
Storage temperature -40°C ÷ +60°C


Technical Documentation
Eclipse PGM8 - Installation Instruction
Updated on2017.09.20
Size2.79 MB
Marketing Documentation
Eclipse PGM8 PS - Datasheet
Updated on2017.09.20
Size0.12 MB
Eclipse PGM8 - Declaration of conformity
Updated on2017.04.12
Size0.25 MB
Eclipse 8/16/32 (2.0x) - Installation manual
Updated on2016.11.15
Size3.19 MB