IVY is a extinguishing conventional fire control panel. The panel is designed for using together with systems for gas, powder, aerosol, water and other types of active extinguishing.


The panel is divided into two operation sections: extinguishing and fire. IVY has 3 wire zones - 2 for activation of automatic fire detectors and 1 conventional fire zone which supports up to 32 detectors. Automatic and manual operation modes (selectable via 3 positional key lock) and a special button for manual realize of the extinguishing process. The panel is designed for operation with solenoids, pressostats and other kind of actuators. Optional LOG module for reviewing of recorded memory events.


IVY extinguishing control panel is designed according to EN12094-1 and EN54-2/4 standards.


Functional features

Inputs Specifications:

  • 2 Conventional Extinguish Zones
  • 1 Conventional Fire Alarm Zone
  • Low Pressure input - supervised
  • Manual release input - supervised
  • Mode select input – supervised - changes between Manual and Automatic mode
  • Hold input – supervised
  • Enable/Disable – supervised
  • Flow Control - supervised


Outputs Specifications:

  • 1 sounder 300mA, supervised, Stage 1
  • 1 sounder 300mA, supervised, Stage 2
  • Stage 1 relay (NC, COM, NO) - 5 to 30VDC 1A
  • Stage 2 relay (NC, COM, NO) - 5 to 30VDC 1A
  • Fault relay(nc,com,no) - 5 to 30VDC 1A
  • Extinguish output (EN 12094-1), supervised – 1A 5min/3A 20mS
  • OC1 – in case of Hold Activation – open collector type
  • OC2 – in case of extinguish disable - open collector type
  • OC3 – in case of low pressure – open collector type
  • OC4 – in case of manual mode active – open collector type
Main Power Supply switching 110-230V AC ±10%; 0.315A fuse
Frequency 50/ 60Hz
Back-up Power Supply 2 x 12V/ 7Ah
Maximum charging current for the battery 0.3A
Battery high resistance Ri < 0.45Ω
Maximum current available for system devices 0.7A
Current consumption – mains failure 0.5mA
Operating temperature -5°C to +40°C
Relative humidity resistance (93 ± 3)% @ 40°C
Dimensions of the metal box 324x314x82mm


Technical Documentation
IVY - Installation and Operation Manual
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Marketing Documentation
IVY - Datasheet
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IVY - EN54 Certificate
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IVY - Declaration of conformity
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IVY - Declaration of performance
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