Eclipse LED32 / PR

Eclipse LED32 is a keypad with LED indication of zones, troubles and arming type. It is a part of the ECLIPSE series alarm systems.

The keyboard provides 1 input zone and 1 PGM output. Eclipse LED32 is suitable for programming and management of systems up to 8 independent areas and up to 32 zones.

Functional features
  • Indication for 32 zones and 8 areas;
  • Supports 2 programming types: by addresses and by operations;
  • Quick buttons for all arming modes;
  • Quick buttons for Memory, Troubles display and Bypassed zones;
  • Adjustable intensity of backlight for the display and buttons;
  • 3 fast button combinations for sending of PANIC, MEDICAL and FIRE alarm messages to a central monitoring station;
  • Adjustable buzzer volume;
  • Biderectional TAMPER switch;
  • Built-in proxy reader as option (Eclipse LED32).
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Power Supply from the control panel  9-18V (nom. 14V)
Consumption Min. 60mA / Max. 140
Operation temperature -20 ÷ +50°C
Dimensions 108x134x23mm







Technical Documentation
Eclipse 8/16/32 (2.1x) - User Manual
Updated on2017.03.23
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Eclipse LED32 - Installation Manual
Updated on2017.09.20
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Marketing Documentation
Eclipse LED 32 - Datasheet
Updated on2013.05.14
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Eclipse LED32 - Datasheet
Updated on2017.09.20
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Eclipse LED32 - Declaration of conformity
Updated on2017.09.20
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Eclipse 8/16/32 (2.0x) - User manual
Updated on2016.11.15
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