LRR 8000 Central Station

The LRR8000 System is a Stand-Alone System for receiving information from TP2000 compatible protocol transmitters.

The device has two modifications depending on its implementation. The version intended to serve as a central station is desktop and has its own power supply and radio station quarter. It needs to have external connection to backup the emergency battery.

The control and program buttons and the device display are located on the front panel. An interface for connecting to the computer, with an option to connect an external operator-activated button, is installed at the rear panel. The entire information, received at the central station, irrespective of its source (TP2000 or LRR8000 Repeater) is transmitted to the computer in order for it to be archived, as well as for its more convenient reviewing.

The connection is maintained via an RS-232 series channel or USB port.

Functional features
  • 2 ports for receiving events from transmitters
  • 1 port for communication with repeater
  • 8192 sites compasity
  • 1000 events log
  • RSSI measurement
  • Computer connectional serial port
  • Bidirectional connection to LRR 8000 Repeater, using RADIAL protocol
  • Metal box
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Technical Documentation
LRR8000 - Manual
Updated on2013.06.02
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Marketing Documentation
LRR8000 - Presentation
Updated on2013.05.31
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LRR8000 - Declarations of conformity
Updated on2013.05.31
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