Observer is a software application for monitoring of sites equipped with Teletek Electronics addressable fire alarm systems. The software monitors the condition and state of detectors with their respective zone and name. It also detects faults in the panel and allows the panel to be controlled. Observer signals visually and audibly in case of alarm or fault. If you have VPN network for example you will be able to connect up to 32 panels to 1 Observer software.

Observer allows direct import of files from ProsTE programming software, which contain the full information regarding the system configuration.

Functional features
  • Supports up to 32 panels with 1000 devices per panel
  • Monitors the condition and state of detectors - Alarm, Normal, Fault
  • Shows full information about the detector in alarm state - zone, name, etc
  • Monitors faults in the panel - Low Batt, AC Loss, etc
  • Allows control over the panel - silence buzzer, silence sirens, evacuation, reset
  • Allows import of architectural plans and pictures on which the detectors are placed
  • Keeps event log which can be printed
  • Signals visually and audibly in case of alarm or fault
  • Supports multilanguage interface: English, Bulgarian, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Farsi
  • Direct import of ProsTE files
  • ModBus protocol included
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Technical Documentation
Observer - Installation Manual
Updated on2020.01.16
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Marketing Documentation
Observer - Datasheet
Updated on2017.01.26
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Observer - Connection Diagram
Updated on2017.01.26
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Software Downloads
Observer ver.1.0.3
Updated on2019.11.11
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