SensoIRIS GAS is a gas detector suitable for application in addressable fire alarm systems, supporting TTE communication protocol. SensoIRIS GAS is designed for detection of leaking natural gas (LNG) and leaking petroleum gas (LPG). The detector is equipped with alarm output for management of manipulator or electromagnetic valve. Gas detector is suitable for wall mounting using metal hanger included in the supplied equipment. Fully programmable from the fire alarm panel.

Functional features

Attention: Operation with SensoIRIS GAS is supported for the MAIN board firmware revisions:

  • IRIS - 4.4 and higher
  • SIMPO - 3.0 and higher


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Compatible products
Operating voltage 15-32VDC
Consumption in Stand-by mode ≤ 80mA @ 24V
Consumption in Alarm mode ≤ 100mA @ 24V
Warm-up time ~180 sec
Alarm level 10%LEL
Sound level ≥ 85dB
Alarm output (to valve) 12VDC/~200mA
Relative humidity (no condensation) ≤ 95%
Material (plastic) ABS
Color White
Standard GB15322.2-2003
Consumption without communication ≤ 140μA @ 27V
Consumption with communication ≤ 180μA @ 27V
















Technical Documentation
SensoIRIS GAS - Installation manual
Updated on2014.09.25
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Marketing Documentation
SensoIRIS GAS - Datasheet
Updated on2014.11.28
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SensoIRIS GAS - Declaration of conformity
Updated on2017.08.18
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