Fireray One

With no specialist tools or knowledge needed for installation and operation, the Fireray One is a standalone beam detector that prioritises ease of installation. Using the Fireray One, it couldn’t be easier to bring the benefi ts of beam detection to your application:

– One Minute Auto-Alignment™ – just steer the laser onto the Refl ector, then at the fl ick of a switch, it aligns itself. 8 times faster than previous detectors

– One person installation – everything can be done by one person

– One standalone product – no specialist tools required; minimal prior knowledge and training needed

Functional features
  • Integrated user interface - Alignment mode switch, alignment directional buttons and confi guration switches for alarm response threshold
  • Alignment status indication - 2 Green LEDs and 1 Yellow LED
  • System status indication - Normal operation – Green LED fl ashing every 10 seconds Alarm condition – Red LED fl ashing every 10 seconds Fault condition – Yellow LED fl ashing every 10 seconds for obscuration or every 5 seconds for contamination
  • Cleaning - Flat front face with enclosed optics. Cleaning the optics does not affect alignment
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Detection range 0 to 50m
0 to 120m with Reflective Long Range Kit
Alignment method Laser assisted, Auto-Alignment™. Manual alignment – optional setting
Auto-Alignment™ protocol Background check, Box search, Adjust and Centre
Building Movement Tracking™ Compensates for natural shifts in alignment from building movement
Operating voltage 14 to 36 VDC
Operating temperature -20°C ÷ +55°C
Optical wavelength – smoke detection 850nm near infrared (invisible)
Integrated laser – laser alignment 650nm visible. Class IIIa <5mW
Product weight Detector – 0.7kg; Reflector – 0.1kg
IP rating IP55
Housing flammability rating UL94 V0 polycarbonate












Technical Documentation
Fireray One User Manual
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Marketing Documentation
Fireray One - Datasheet
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