TTE GPRS Simple VG is a quad-band GPRS module for serial communication to Teletek Electronics Eclipse series panels. The module is used to send alarm messages to monitoring center end-user.

TTE GPRS Simple VG is available in a voice reporting and voice guide management version. Pre-recorded voice messages on different languages are located on an additional SD card.

TTE GPRS Simple VG can also be used for remote management, programming and monitoring of the security system together with Teletek Electronics panel and the AJAX SP PRO software application.

The module is mounted in small plastic box suitable for wall mounting.

Functional features
  • SMS notifications for system events;
  • LEDs for indication of the network status, trouble with the connection to the control panel, etc;
  • Remote access through AJAX WEB and MobileTTE (iOS/Android) application;
  • Connection with AJAX SP servers via IP or DNS address;
  • 2GB micro SD card for voice messages - Voice Reporting and Voice Guiding (arming, disarming);
  • Main IP and back-up IP for communication with AJAX SP PRO;
  • SIA over IP reporting to AJAX SP;
  • Micro USB port for module configuration via ProsTE;
  • SIM interface;
  • Serial communication with ECLIPSE series control panels;
  • Reset jumper.
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Power supply

9-30 VC
Current Consumption:
- Normal operation mode (Standby)
- Signal transmitting (GSM)

50 mA
​to 2A

Phone numbers for events notification 6
Input filtration time 0,5 sec
Input for AC monitoring 9-35 V AC
Operating frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Antenna connector 50 Ohm
Encryption AES 128 bits












Technical Documentation
TTE GPRS Simple - Quick User Guide
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