IRIS PRO is an addressable fire alarm panel with 1 to 4 loops and maximum coverage of 96 zones. Up to 250 devices can be connected to every system loop.

The information for the system status is visualized on sensitive graphic display and LED indication for zones and troubles. With special “2 steps of alarm level” working algorithm the false alarms are effectively minimized. The panel has a comprehensive day/night mode facility.

IRIS PRO supports two communication protocols: Teletek Electronics (IRIS TTE loop) and System Sensor series (IRIS SS loop) according to the type of devices used. In the configuration of the IRIS PRO panel, both TTE and SS Loops can be implemented at the same time.

Up to 64 IRIS PRO panels can be connected in Ethernet network or RS485 redundant network.

The control panel is placed in metal box with simple and clear design. The access to the control panel PCB is protected with a key. The metal box is suitable for building up modular structures with IRIS PS72 and IRIS Printer as all of the cable connections to the IRIS PRO panel remain hidden and secure.

Direct programming with ProsTE software is available.

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  • Loops: 1 to 4 (both TTE and SS loops can be mounted in random configuration);
  • Devices per loop: 250 (TTE loop)/ 198 (SS loop);
  • Standard: EN54 – 2/4 certified;
  • Programmable inputs/outputs: up to 250;
  • Zones: 96;
  • Display: 320/240 touch screen;
  • Outputs (monitored, relay): 4;
  • Outputs (non-monitored, programmable, relay): 4, 15A@24VDC;
  • Memory LOG: 10 000 events;
  • Up to 64 panels in Ethernet network (built in TCP/IP);
  • Up to 64 panels in RS485 redundant network (optional module);
  • Thermal printer – option;
  • Multi language support: Yes (currently available: Bulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norvegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish);
  • Programming: ProsTE software;
  • Auto addressing function.
Main Power Supply ~230 VAC +10%/-15%
Frequency 50/ 60Hz
Back-up Power Supply 1 battery, 12V/ 18Ah
Electrical output 7A
Operating temperature -5°C to +40°C
Weight (without battery) 6kg
Color Grey
Dimensions 430x330x117mm


Product Documents

Marketing Documentation

IRIS PRO - Datasheet (Dutch)
Updated at 09.04.2020 Size 0.23MB
IRIS PRO - Datasheet (English)
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IRIS - Declaration of conformity
Updated at 09.04.2020 Size 0.19MB
IRIS - Declaration of performance
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IRIS and IRIS Repeater-2831-EN54_CPR_LPCB
Updated at 26.02.2020 Size 0.27MB
IRIS addressable system_Certificate EN54-13
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Technical Documentation

IRIS - Quick User Guide (English)
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IRIS - Versions and history
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Software Downloads

ProsTE - Programming Software ver. 5.3.18
Updated at 08.05.2020 Size 18.61MB
Guard View ver.2.1
Updated at 10.03.2020 Size 16.98MB
Observer 32_ver.2.3.1
Updated at 28.07.2020 Size 62.40MB
IRIS - Firmware 6.1.1
Updated at 11.03.2020 Size 0.83MB
Observer 64_ver.2.3.1
Updated at 28.07.2020 Size 65.92MB


IRIS battery calculator Dutch
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IRIS battery calculator English
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IRIS battery calculator Spanish
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IRIS/SIMPO TTE loop calculator Dutch
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IRIS/SIMPO TTE loop calculator English
Updated at 13.03.2020 Size 2.49MB
IRIS/SIMPO TTE loop calculator French
Updated at 13.03.2020 Size 2.27MB
IRIS/SIMPO TTE loop calculator Spanish
Updated at 13.03.2020 Size 2.29MB
IRIS SS loop calculator English
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