iRIS8 B is the latest generation of addressable fire alarm panel in the Teletek Electronics portfolio. The possibility to integrate eight loop expanders into a single system makes the panel suitable for use in small to large buildings and installations. The panel itself has a modular structure “4+4” loops, which further helps in designing a wide range of projects. Improved for networking with Teletek panels makes it applicable for very large projects as well. With the possibility to communicate via ModBUS protocol, the panel becomes easy to integrate into a Building Management System (BMS) for so-called “smart buildings”. It supports the ModBUS TCP/IP and RS485 communication protocols,
thus enabling the construction of a network with up to 64 panels. The iRIS8 B is the first Teletek panel that can work with its new range of wireless detectors. Due to the fact that the panel has two processors (one main and one backup), it can work with more than 512 devices, both in normal and fault mode. Under system mode failure means a failure in the main processor in which the operation is completely switched to the backup processor.

BOSEC certified.



  • Expandable from 1 to 8 loop controllers
  • 2000 devices per system
  • 10 000 events log
  • 7” TFT Touch Screen
  •  Multilanguage menu
  • 200 Zone LED Indicators 
  •  Increased Sounder outputs – 1A/24Vdc in main panel and 1A/24Vdc in the supplementary
  •  Increased Sounder outputs – 1A/24Vdc in main panel and 1A/24Vdc in the supplementary
  •  Redundant processor back up to the main one
  •  Inputs for fire extinguishing panel signals
  • Detection and exact location of dual address devices
  • Detection and exact location of a short circuit in the loop
  • Loop break notification
  • ModBUS TCP/IP protocol
  • Changeable company logo file on the main screen
  • Connectivity panel – Cloud server – mobile application for remote access for control, maintenance and programming
Main Power Supply  110÷230VAC,50÷60 Hz, 2x200W
 Back-up Power Supply- lead batteries

one in the main block + one in the Block expander

12V/ 18Ah
Nominally internal battery resistance  <0,3Ohm
Storage Temperature -10˚C to +60˚C
Operating temperature -5°C to +40°C
Dust and moisture protection IP30
Relative Humidity

(without condense)

up to 95%
Dimensions 660/430/120mm
 Weight 15kg (without battery)

Product Documents

Marketing Documentation

iRIS8 B - Datasheet
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iRIS8 – Brochure
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IRIS/iRIS8 Loop - Datasheet
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iRIS8 – EN 54 Certificate EVPU
Updated at 16.04.2021 Size 1.20MB
iRIS8 - Declaration of conformity
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iRIS8 - Declaration of performance
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BOSEC certificate
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Technical Documentation

iRIS8 - Installation and Programming manual
Updated at 18.04.2023 Size 10.60MB
iRIS8 - Operation and Maintenance Manual
Updated at 17.06.2022 Size 3.75MB
iRIS8 - Installation manual
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iRIS 8 - Quick User Guide
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iRIS 8 - Quick Maintenance Guide
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iRIS 8 - Quick Faults Guide
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iRIS8 – Versions and history
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iRIS8 - Text labels (English_2)
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iRIS8 - Text labels (English_1)
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Software Downloads

iRIS8 - Firmware 1.1.2
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Loop calculator for iRIS/Simpo
Updated at 27.03.2023 Size 58.99MB

Product pictures

Addressable Fire Alarm Training Videos