IRIS8 Loop Extension

IRIS8 Ext. is an analogue addressable fire alarm loop extension. It extends the capacity of IRIS8 panel with 4 more loop controllers. IRIS8 Ext. supports two communication protocols: System Sensor series 200/500 (Loop SS) and Teletek Electronics (Loop TTE) according the type of used devices. In the configuration of the IRIS8 panel can be implemented both Loops SS and TTE at the same time. To avoid or significantly diminish problems when mounting the system it must be carefully planned prior to installation. This includes: establishing an address for every device and planning a name of maximum 40 digits (including the spaces) for each address, thereby ensuring easy access to the device. According to
the acting standards for establishing fire systems and the plan of the building, the devices must be grouped in zones.

BOSEC certified.




  • Up to 4 loops, loop card expandable
  • Up to 250 devices per loop, 1000 total
  • Double address detection and localization
  • Short circuit detection and localization
  • Loop break detection
Main Power Supply 110÷230VAC, 200W
Frequency 50÷60 Hz
Back-up Power Supply

Sealed lead-acid type

Internal battery resistance <0,3Ohm
Storage Temperature -10˚C to +60˚C
Operating temperature -5°C to +40°C
IP 30
Relative Humidity

(without condense)

up to 95%
Dimensions 430/330/120mm
Weight 7kg (without battery)


Product Documents


iRIS8 – EN 54 Certificate EVPU
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iRIS8 - Declaration of conformity
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iRIS8 - Declaration of performance
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BOSEC certificate
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Marketing Documentation

IRIS8 Loop Extension - Datasheet
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iRIS8 – Brochure
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Technical Documentation

iRIS8 - Installation manual
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