SIMPO is the perfect solution for smaller addressable installations. The addressable panel supports up to two loops with coverage of 48 zones. 250 devices operating on Teletek Electronics communication protocol could be connected to each loop. System status is visualized via LCD display and LED indication. Up to 64 Simpo panels can be connected in RS485 redundant network or Ethernet network. Direct programming with ProsTE software is available. The panel comes in a metal casing with a multilingual LCD display and front foil for easier customization.


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  • Loops: Up to 2 (TTE protocol)
  • Devices per loop: 250
  • Zones: 48
  • Inputs: 3
  • Outputs (monitored, relay type): 5
  • Outputs (non monitored, programmable, relay type): 4, 15A@24VDC
  • Memory LOG: 10 240 events
  • Panels in RS485 redundant network (optional module): Up to 64
  • Thermal printer: Optional
  • Display: 4*40 symbols LCD
  • Multi language support: Yes
  • Programming:  ProsTE software
  • Standard: EN54 – 2/4
  • Transmitting events to monitoring software Observer via LAN channel (ModBUS protocol)
Main Power Supply 90 ÷ 264 VAC
Frequency 47 ÷ 440 Hz
Back-up Power Supply 1 battery, 12V/ 18Ah
Electrical output 4.2A
Operating temperature -5°C to +40°C
Weight (without battery) 4.2kg
Dimensions 306x412x81.2mm

Product Documents

Marketing Documentation

SIMPO - Datasheet (English)
Updated at 15.03.2023 Size 0.15MB
SIMPO - Datasheet (French)
Updated at 04.03.2020 Size 0.40MB
SIMPO - Datasheet (Portugese)
Updated at 04.03.2020 Size 0.43MB
SIMPO - Datasheet (Dutch)
Updated at 21.04.2020 Size 0.21MB


SIMPO - EN 54 Certificate EVPU
Updated at 20.05.2021 Size 3.85MB
SIMPO - Declaration of conformity
Updated at 18.11.2022 Size 0.34MB
SIMPO - Declaration of performance
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SIMPO - EN 54-13 Certificate KIWA
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Technical Documentation

SIMPO - User short guidelines (Dutch)
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SIMPO - User short guidelines (English)
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SIMPO - Versions and history
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SIMPO - Text labels (English)
Updated at 10.08.2022 Size 1.38MB

Software Downloads

ProsTE - Programming Software ver. 5.4.7
Updated at 26.06.2023 Size 22.18MB
Observer 32_ver.2.4.1
Updated at 20.01.2022 Size 62.50MB
SIMPO - Firmware 4.5.1
Updated at 19.12.2022 Size 0.59MB
Observer 64_ver.2.4.1
Updated at 20.01.2022 Size 66.02MB


Battery calculator for Simpo Dutch
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Battery calculator for Simpo English
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Battery calculator for Simpo Spanish
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Loop calculator for iRIS/Simpo
Updated at 27.03.2023 Size 58.99MB

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