SensoIRIS MIO04 is an addressable module with 4 relay outputs. The module is designed for application in addressable fire alarm systems, supporting TTE communication protocol.

The module controls 4 relay outputs.

SensoIRIS MIO04 is powered on from the fire panel and can be controlled via the communication protocol.

The module is mounted in a separate small plastic box suitable for wall mounting, with transparent cover for visual inspection.

BOSEC certified.

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  • 4 Relay outputs
  • Loop powered
  • Built in isolator
  • Placed in plastic box with transparent cover for easy inspection
  • EN54-18 and EN54-17:2005 certified
Operating Voltage Range 15 – 32VDC
Consumption, stand-by mode 175μA@27VDC
Nom. current consumption 200µA@27VDC
Outputs, electrical characteristics (max.) DC 30V/1A; AC 125V/0,5A
Wire Gauge for terminals 0.4mm² – 2.0mm²
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C
Protection IP40
Weight ~230g
Dimensions 142x80x45 mm


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SensoIRIS MIO04 - Declaration of Conformity
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SensoIRIS MIO04 - Declaration of Performance
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SensoIRIS MIO04 - EN 54 Certificate EVPU
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BOSEC certificate
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SensoIRIS MIO04 - Datasheet (English)
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SensoIRIS MIO04 - Datasheet (Portugese)
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SensoIRIS MIO04 - Datasheet (French)
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SensoIRIS MIO04 IP55 - Datasheet
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