SensoIRIS MISO is a short circuit isolator module designed for addressable fire alarm systems, which support TTE communication protocol.

The short circuits isolators prevent switching off the loop in case of short circuit fault, as they isolate that part of the loop, with a short circuit. When the cause for the short circuit fault is removed, the isolator modules automatically restore the continuity of the loop.

The short circuit isolator module is mounted in a separate plastic box suitable for wall mounting. The openings for cables running are protected with rubber caps.

When installing the module in the system cut only the top of the caps through which you are running the cables.

BOSEC certified.

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  • Placed in plastic box with cable running holes for easy installation
  • Max number of devices bewteen two isolators – 30
Operating Voltage Range 15 – 32VDC
Max. Isolator Resistance 0.18Ω@27VDC/ 0.25Ω@15VDC
Nom. current consumption 200μА
Wire Gauge for terminals 0.4mm2 – 2.0mm2
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C
Degree of Protection IP40
Weight ~185g
Dimensions 71 x 71 x 40mm


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SensoIRIS MISO - EN 54 Certificate EVPU
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SensoIRIS MISO - Declaration of conformity
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SensoIRIS MISO - Declaration of performance
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BOSEC certificate
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SensoIRIS MISO - Datasheet
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SensoIRIS MISO - Manual
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