SensoIRIS MOUT is an addressable monitored output module for connecting of conventional sounders. The module is designed for application in addressable fire alarm systems, supporting TTE communication protocol. SensoIRIS MOUT has a built-in isolator.

The module monitors and transfers to control panel the status of the output – short circuit, interruption or missing of power supply in the circuit.

SensoIRIS MOUT is powered on from the fire panel and can be controlled via the communication protocol.

The module is mounted in a separate small plastic box suitable for wall mounting.

BOSEC certified.

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  • Provides interface between a zone of conventional sirens and an addressable control panel IRIS or SIMPO
  • Loop powered
  • Built-in isolator
  • Placed in plastic box with transparent cover for easy inspection
Operating Voltage Range 15 – 32VDC
Permissible voltage ripple 3.0Vpp@27VDC
Output electrical characteristics (max.) DC 28V/ 0.75A; AC 120V/ 0.5A
Max. current consumption in STAND-BY mode 270μA@27VDC
Wire Gauge for terminals 0.4mm² – 2.5mm²
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C
Protection IP40
Weight ~230g












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SensoIRIS MOUT - Declaration of Conformity
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SensoIRIS MOUT - Declaration of Performance
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SensoIRIS MOUT – EN 54 Certificate EVPU
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BOSEC certificate
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SensoIRIS MOUT - Datasheet
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SensoIRIS MOUT IP55 - Datasheet
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SensoIRIS MOUT - Manual
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