SensoIRIS BSST IS is аn addressable fire base with built-in sounder and strobe, and isolator module in its body. SensoIRIS BSST IS is designed for installing in addressable fire alarm systems supporting TTE communication protocol. The device is powered on from the panel and can be controlled via the communication protocol. The addressable SensoIRIS BSST IS fire base supports 32 different tone types at two sound levels.

The device is designed for easy installation and consist of two parts: mounting plane basis and sounder and strobe in a common body with factory mounted fire base. Fully comply and certificated to EN54, parts 3 and 17.

BOSEC certified.

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  • Selectable sound level – LOW (82-92dB)* and HIGH (100-103dB)*
  • 32 sound types selectable from the panel
  • Loop powered
  • EN54-3 and EN54-17 Certified
  • Compatible with SensoIRIS addressable detectors series: T110, T110 IS, S130, S130 IS, M140 and M140 IS

*Depends on the selected sound type. The main tone type is 27 – the detailed description of the tone types is presented in the installation manual*

Operating Voltage Range 16 – 32VDC (Nom. 28VDC)
Maximal consumption at communication 470 μА @ 27VDC
Maximal consumption, tone type 27, low volume level 3 mА @ 27VDC
Maximal consumption, tone type 27, high volume level 10 mА @ 27VDC
Total number of SensoIRIS BSST at loop-low level 100 pcs.
Total number of SensoIRIS BSST at loop-high level 30 pcs.
Number of tone types 32
Frequency of the strobe flashing 1 Hz
Material ABS
Dimensions with mounted detector SensoIRIS T110 (IS)/ S130 (IS) 102 x 63mm
Dimensions with mounted detector SensoIRIS M140 (IS) 102 x 70mm

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SensoIRIS BSST IS - Datasheet
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SensoIRIS BSST IS - Declaration of Conformity
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SensoIRIS BSST IS - Declaration of Performance
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SensoIRIS BSST IS - Certificate LPCB
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SensoIRIS BSST IS – EN 54 Certificate EVPU
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BOSEC certificate
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