SensoIRIS WSB IP65 is a waterproof protected deep base specially designed for outdoor installations of addressable sounders SensoIRIS series. The deep base is suitable for wall mounting in applications in aggressive environment requiring IP65 protection of the devices.

SensoIRIS WSB IP65 comes in a kit with a solid rubber gasket, o-ring sealant and IP65 rated cable glands.

SensoIRIS B124 standard base is mounted with screws.

BOSEC certified.

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  • Wall mounting;
  • SensoIRIS B124 standard base mounted;
  • Installation wires – 3mm²;
  • Cable glands and o-ring protected sealant;
  • IP65 according to EN 60529;
  • Compatible with SensoIRIS wall sounders.
Installation wires 3mm²
Material (plastic), color ABS, red
Operation temperature -10°C ÷ +60°C
Relative humidity ≤93% @ +40°C
Weight ~140.5g








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SensoIRIS WSB IP65 - Declaration of conformity
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SensoIRIS WSB IP65 - Certificate CTEC
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BOSEC certificate
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SensoIRIS WSB IP65 - Datasheet
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