MAG8Plus is a conventional fire detection and indication panel certificated to EN54-2/4.

The panel has 8 fixed and is expanded up to 16 zones.MAG8Plus is based on a modular principle – a power unit, a control panel, zone/sounder expanders, an indication module and battery space. A detailed LED indication shows the status of the system. An appropriate mode for zone detector testing by a single person has been implemented – One Man Test. All zones and sirens within the system can be eliminated (Bypass). Relay outputs, associated with each system zone, can also be added to the system with the help of additional MR 8 modules. The panel have been designed to operate with one 12V/ 18Ah battery back-up power, which reduces the costs by the value of one battery per system. The MAG 8 Plus is suitable for vast range of applications – big office buildings, schools, supermarkets and other with space of over 3000m².

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  • 8 to 16 zones, expandable
  • Supports up to 512 detectors and unlimited callpoints
  • 4 monitored siren outputs – 300 mA each
  • Double knock mode
  • Siren delay
  • Supports relay expander and LOG module
  • Active EOL allowing continuous monitoring of inputs
  • Levels of access protected by means of key
  • Simple programming by means of jumpers
  • Multi language front panels
  • Plastic box
Main Power Supply ~230 VAC ± 10%
Auxiliary output 24 VDC/ 0,3A fuse
Back-up Power Supply 1 battery, 12V/ 18Ah
Operating temperature -5°C to +40°C
Weight (without battery) ~4kg
Dimensions of the metal bottom 441x331x80mm
Dimensions of plastic cover 461x344x45

Product Documents


MAG4Plus/MAG8Plus - Declaration of performance
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MAG4Plus/8Plus - Declaration of conformity
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MAG8Plus - EN 54 Certificate EVPU
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Marketing Documentation

MAG8Plus - Datasheet (English)
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MAG8Plus - Datasheet (French)
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MAG8Plus - Datasheet (Portuguese)
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Technical Documentation

MAG8Plus - Installation manual
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MAG8Plus - Installation manual Russian
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MAG8Plus - Installation manual French
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MAG8Plus - Installation manual Spanish
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