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MAG Logger is a LOG module for recording and viewing of events in MAG 8 and MAG8Plus Fire Control Panels. The module can be built-in in the fire panel box.

All of the events are stored in a non-volatile memory. The LOG module has a real time clock powered from own battery. The information for the events is received by interface with the MAG8/MAG8plus Fire Control Panels. The LOG module can be built-in in the fire panel box (for MAG8Plus) or can be placed in a separate small plastic box (for MAG8).

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  • Memory for 8190 events
  • Operation keypad with 4 buttons
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Multi language menus



Power supply 17 – 30 VDC
Nominal voltage 24VDC
Consumption in stand-by mode 25mA
Consumption with activated backlight 55mA±2mA
Maximum consumption with activated backlight and relay output 76mA±2mA
Dimensions 125x66mm


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