MR8 is a supplementary module, mounted outside of the MAG8plus fire alarm panel box. The module contains 8 changeover contact relays.

Two relay modules can be connected to a MAG8plus when using all 16 fire zones of the panel. In this case the second relay module has to be powered up from an external 24VDC power supply unit.

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  • Number of relays – 8
  • Compatible with MAG 8 and MAG 8 Plus


Power supply +24VDC
Maximum voltage 125V
Consumption in stand-by mode 8mA
Consumption in relay switched on 10mA
Maximum consumption 2A
Maximum ratings of the relay contacts 12V/ 1A or 24V/ 0.5A
Working temperature  -5 to +40°C
Weight ~0.4kg
Dimensions 158x111x41mm


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