MS4 is an expander module for built-in mounting in the box of MAG8plus conventional fire alarm panel. The module provides 4 additional sounder outputs to the fire system.

Up to two MS4 expander modules can be mounted in the box of standard configuration of MAG8plus fire alarm panel thus providing 8 additional sounder circuits to the fire system.

Together with the PCB of the expander module are delivered also four 10K resistors and a transparent light pipe for LED indication.


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  • Sounder circuits: 4
  • Sounders per circuit / max. number of sounders/: 1/4
  • LED indication for troubles in the sounder circuit
  • LED indication for sounders status


Power supply (from the fire alarm control panel) +24VDC
Consumption in alarm mode 150mA
Operating temperature  0°C to +40°C
Weight ~0.2kg
Dimensions 57x81mm


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