SensoMAG M40

SensoMAG M40 is a combined (optical-smoke and rate-of-rise) detector with digital processing algorithm, class A1/R. The integrated automatic drift compensation operation algorithm reduces significantly the false alarms.

SensoMAG M40 is suitable for installing in any conventional fire alarm system designed with fire alarm panel with fire alarm threshold between 10mA and 15mA.

SensoMAG M40 is a combined smoke and rate-of-rise temperature detector. It is the right choice for applications where the early detection of a fire situation is with great importance and high reliability is needed – in timbered, museums, hotel rooms.

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  • Auto temperature compensation
  • Digital process algorithm
  • Low profile design
  • LED indication with 360° visibility
  • Sensor status indication on every 8 seconds
  • EN54 – 5/7 certified
Supply voltage U 9-30 VDC (Nom. 12/24 VDC)
Alarm state current – base type B24 and B24D: 20mA/12-30V;
– base type B24RD: 33mA/12V, 49mA/ 24V, 57mA/30V
– base type B12: 18mA/9V, 29mA/12V, 32mA/15V
Class A1/R (according to EN 54-5)
Output in alarm state at terminal RI 20mA (max)/-3.3V
Degree of protection IP 30
Operational temperature range -10 / +60°С
Relative humidity resistance (93 ± 3) % at 40°С
Dimensions (incl. base) diameter 102 mm, h 48 mm
Weight (incl. base) 160 g















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SensoMAG M40 - Declaration of conformity
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SensoMAG M40 - Declaration of performance
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SensoMAG M40 - EN 54 Certificate EVPU
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SensoMAG M40 - Datasheet (English)
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SensoMAG M40 - Datasheet (French)
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SensoMAG M40 - Manual (EN, BG, TR, PT, ES, PL, FR, IT)
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