SF100 RSST is a conventional wall mount sounder and strobe, designed for installing in conventional fire alarm systems.

Supports 32 different tone types and two sound levels, controled by jumpers. SF100 RRST is equipped with two additional separate inputs for Alarm and Evacuation events. The tone sounds of the inputs are different for easy recognition from the users on the protected site. The Evacuation event is with the highest priority.

Certified according to standard EN54, part 3.

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  • Piezo Loudspeaker type
  • 32 tone types
  • 2 sound levels (selectable by jumpers): High (102dB) and Low (94dB)
  • Small and compact design
Operating voltage 20-28 VDC
Maximal consumption:
– low volume level, with enabled strobe
– low volume level, no strobe
– high volume level, with enabled strobe
– high volume level, no strobe
12mA @ 24VDC
8.5mA @ 24VDC
25mA @ 24VDC
22mA @ 24VDC
Wire gauge for terminals 0.4 ÷ 2.0mm²
Relative humidity resistance (93 ± 3)% @ 40°C
Protection class IP21C
Weight 248g
Dimensions 102x32mm
Color red
Material SAN, transparent red
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C

















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Marketing Documentation

SF100 RSST - Datasheet
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SF100 RSST - Declaration of conformity
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SF100 RSST - Declaration of performance
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SF100 RSST - EN 54 Certificate EVPU
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Technical Documentation

SF100 RSST - Installation manual
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