Natron WE-C

Natron WE-C is a wireless gateway module designed for operation with conventional fire alarm panels, including MAG series panel, produced by Teletek Electronics JSC. Natron WE-C is powered from external power supply with back-up battery. The module is equipped with special inputs for monitoring the main and back-up power supplies. Up to 5 Natron WE-C wireless getaway modules can be connected to a single conventional fire alarm control panel. Natron WE-C communicates with Natron series wireless devices enrolled to its configuration. Up to 32 wireless devices can be enrolled to each gateway module, giving a total of 160 wireless devices per system.  Natron WE-C is mounted in a compact plastic enclosure box suitable for wall mounting. The information of the status of the enrolled wireless devices is presented on a LCD text display. The programming of the wireless devices parameters is from the module menus. A dipole SMA type antenna is supplied with the expander module to ensure wide covering range and stable communication with the enrolled wireless devices. 



  • Specially designed to work with any conventional fire alarm panel
  • Direct connection to conventional zone terminal
  • Compatible for operation with MAG series and third-party conventional fire alarm control panels
  • Up to 5 wireless gateways to conventional panel/building*
  • Up to 32** NATRON series wireless devices enrolled to a gateway module
  • Up to 160 wireless devices per system
  • Dipole antenna, SMA connector type
  • Event messages for wireless device status: low battery, tamper, lost device
  • Menu for reviewing the signal strength of the enrolled devices
  • LCD display, dot matrix 16×2
  • Multilanguage menus
  • Standards applied: EN 54-18; EN 54-25
Power supply (External power supply unit, EN 54 compatible) 24 VDC ± 10%
Consumption: – Nominal consumption, LCD display ON – Nominal consumption, LCD display OFF – Max. consumption, LCD display ON – Max. consumption, LCD display OFF 17mA@24V DC 14mA@24V DC 19mA@20V DC 15mA@20V DC
Radio frequency 868MHz
Communication type Bidirectional
Communication protocol NATRON TTE
Radio signal modulation type GFSK
Number of frequency channels 6 pair channels
Radiated power ≤ 25 mW
Receiver category (EN300-220-1) 1.5
Max. connected wireless expanders to conventional panel* Up to 5
Max. enrolled wireless devices to an expander module 32
Communication range with Natron wireless devices (open space**) 1500m
Trace attenuation > -90dBm
Antenna: – Type – Frequency – Impedance – Type of Radiation – Gain – Connector type – Dimensions Dipole antenna 866-870MHz, Center 868Mhz 50Ω Omni-directional 2 dBi SMA Male (Swivel) 242×12.5mm
Operation temperature -10°C to +55°C
Related humidity resistance (no condensation) (93±3)%@ 40°С
Enclosure box: – Material – Dimensions – Color – Protection – Weight (with mounted PCB and antenna) ABS 191x125x60mm RAL 7024 (graphite grey) IP66/68 ~ 200g


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Natron WE-C - Certificate of Constancy of Performance
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Natron WE-C - Declaration of performance
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Natron WE-C - Datasheet
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Natron - Brochure
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Natron WE-C - Manual
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