Natron WSS

Wireless gateway modules for integration of Natron wireless devices to iRIS addressable fire series of Wireless wall sounder and strobe, compatible with both – Natron WE-A and Natron WE-C wireless gateways. Natron WSS supports 32 different sound types, selectable from the iRIS panels, as well as two sound levels – high and low. The signal coverage of the Natron WSS reaches up to 1500 (in open area), thanks to our bi-directional wireless communication protocol – Beacon+. The protocol efficiency also contributes to the exceptional battery life that could last to up to 8 years, with 4x CR123A type of batteries.Natron WSS is designed for indoor installation.



  • Bi-directional wireless communications
  • Selectable sound level – LOW (80-86dB)* and HIGH (92-97dB)
  • 32 sound types selectable from the panel
  • Piezo sounder and white flash
  • Tamper switch
  • Signal coverage test
  • Protection – IP31
  • Coverage range – 1500 m open area
  • Long battery life – up to 8 years
  • Wall mounted
  • EN 54-3; EN 54-23; EN 54-25 certificated
Communication range 1500m
Radio frequency 868MHz
Radio signal modulation type GFSK
Number of frequency channels 6 pair channels
Battery life ~8 years
Battery power supply 4 x CR123A 3V
Number of tone types (selectable from panel/module) 32
Radiated power ≤ 20 mW
Test transmission message period 300s
Power volume (main tone type 27):
– Low volume ~80dB (A) ±6dB@1m
– High volume ~92dB (A) ±5dB@1m
Power volume (other tone type):
– Low volume ~75-85dB ±3dB@1m
– High volume ~80-95dB ±3dB@1m
Operation temperature -10°C to +55°C
Dimensions Ø116x90mm
Weight (with battery) 372g
Mounting Wall, Indoor use


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