MDU-V is a remote control module with transmitter with rolling code.

The module has 4 operation modes and can work with up to 15 remote controls.

Comes with 1 remote control in the kit.

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  • One channel
  • LED indication for switched on relay
  • 4 programmable operation modes
  • Relay output
  • Up to 15 remote controls
  • Option to prohibit a lost remote control
  • Rolling code
Operating voltage 10-14.5 V DC
Current consumption when relay is off 6 mA
Current consumption when relay is on 15 mA
Current/Voltage of switch 3A/60V
Working temperature -20°C ÷ +80°C
Maximum range of remote controls 80m
Maximum number of remote controls 15

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MDU V - Declaration of conformity
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MDU - V - Manual
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