PS 1230

Power supply unit – 12 VDC, 3А, plastic box, transformer.

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  • Double action tamper, installed in the box;
  • Electronic protection against short circuit at output;
  • Single LED display on cover;


Input voltage 230 V (+/- 10%) AC, 50-60Hz
Battery 12V/7Ah, accumulator
Rated input voltage 13.8 V DC, variable
Maximum output current 3A (includes charging current)
Rated output current 80% of maximum current
Output: “mains supply” +I 13 – 20 mA
Output: “discharged battery” +F 12 mA
Trigger off level 10.5 V
Mains power supply fuse 0.63 A
Battery fuse 3A















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PS12XX - Declaration of conformity
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PS12xx - Manual
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