PIRIN DL is wired motion detector with digital signal processing algorithm. The detector has a unique 7-level IR sensitivity adjustment. Thanks to the semi-spherical design of the tailor-made lens, the detector supports Creep zone detection mode. However, PIRIN DL could be also set to operate in PET immunity mode, as the algorithm ranges between 12 and 20 kg, depending on the setup.

The build-in EOL resistances improve the installer experience significantly. PIRIN DL offers a wide range of EOL values, which makes the detector installation simple and less time-consuming.



  • Dual PIR sensor;
  • Digital processing algorithm;
  • PET Immunity up to 12/20kg;
  • Reverse polarity protection;
  • On board EOL resistors
  • Creep zone protection
  • Color coded terminals for quick and easy recognition during the installation;
  • Additional 7-level sensitivity settings.
  • Digital bi-directional temperature compensation;
  • Simple screw-free structure for easy installation;
  • Optional PIRIN Bracket for wall and ceiling mounting
Operating voltage 9-18 VDC
Current Consumption < 15 mA
Alarm relay( NC type, build-in EOL) 1K, 2,2K
Tamper relay(NC type, build-in EOL) 1K, 510Ω, 0Ω
Working Temperature -15°C – +50°C*
PET Immunity 12/20 kg
RF Immunity 10 V/m @ 80 MHz – 6 GHz
Electrostatic Immunity 8 kV
Walk detection speed 0.3m/s – 3m/s
Coverage range 0.5m(Creeo zone) – 12m
Mounting height 1.5 – 2.6m
Dimensions 108 x 66 x 47 mm
Material ABS
Color White, RAL 9003

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PIRIN DL - Declaration of conformity
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PIRIN DL - Datasheet
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PIRIN DL - Manual
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