PIRIN MW is wired dual technology (MW and PIR) motion detector. The detector supports 3 different working modes, depending on the installation needs – AND, OR and Triple knock. PIRIN MW has an additional sensitivity adjustments of both MW and PIR parts.

The build-in EOL resistances improve the installer experience significantly. PIRIN MW offers a wide range of EOL values, which makes the detector installation simple and less time-consuming.



  • Dual tech detector (PIR+MW);
  • Digital processing algorithm;
  • Sensitivity adjustments for MW and PIR parts;
  • Selectable AND/OR/Triple knock operation mode;
  • PET Immunity up to 15kg (PIR part only);
  • Reverse polarity protection;
  • On board EOL resistors for Tamper
  • Creep zone protection (PIR)
  • Optional PIRIN mounting bracket for wall/ceiling mounting;
  • Separate PIR and MW LED indication.
  • Digital bi-directional temperature compensation;
  • Simple screw-free structure for easy installation;
Operating voltage 9-18 VDC
Current Consumption 14 mA(Stand-by)

42 mA (Alarm)

Alarm relay( NC type, build-in EOL) 1K, 2,2K
Tamper relay(NC type, build-in EOL) 1K, 510Ω, 0Ω
Working Temperature -15°C – +50°C*
PET Immunity(PIR) 15 kg
RF Immunity 10 V/m @ 80 MHz – 6 GHz
Electrostatic Immunity 8 kV
Walk detection speed 0.3m/s – 3m/s
Coverage range (PIR) 0.5m(Creeo zone) – 12m
Coverage range (MW) 0 – 15 m
Mounting height 1.5 – 2.6m
Dimensions 119 x 66 x 47 mm
Material ABS
Color White, RAL 9003

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PIRIN MW - Declaration of conformity
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PIRIN MW - Datasheet
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PIRIN – Brochure
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PIRIN MW - Manual
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